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ALWAYS B A FIRST RATE VERSION OF URSELF INSTEAD OF 2nd RATE VERSION OF SOME 1 ELSEmany times we look at others wishing we were more like them…it doesn’t matter who you might secretly desire to be, what matters most is asking yourself, “why do you want to be them“?

ask yourself that question and see what you come up with…you may find that all the things you think that other person has is not all it’s cracked up to be! 

you know the old saying, the grass always looks greener on the other side? well, that holds true for everything…think for a  moment, do you really know what they’re like, OR what they’ve been through!

so HERE’S  the bottom line, don’t envy another’s characteristics, outward appearance, career, etc., you get the picture?

stop looking so hard at someone else, and look inside you!! did you ever ask your Creator to show you who you are? hmmmm, there’s something to ponder!  well, why don’t you do that! you may be surprised at what you see looking through His eyes! 

remember, God never makes mistakes, AND He never makes things He doesn’t love…so the truth is, you were made perfect, not a thing missing or lacking…learn to love who you are, because He made you unique, there’s no one else like  you, or can do what you were created to do…sooooooooo, how about it? can you learn to love YOU the way HE LOVES YOU

go ahead, try it, you may be delighted in yourself just as He delights in you!! can you dare to see yourself beautiful, complete and perfect? sure you can…just ask Him, and remember, He’s in the business of creating masterpieces…so don’t try to be someone else when you’re a treasure made by your Master! 

peace out!


REBUILDING THE JERSEY SHORE…after hurricane sandy

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to those of us who love the Jersey Shore, here’s a video a NJ Reporter made after the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy…for those of us who hold treasured memories of all the great, fun times we held dear…lets hope one day soon, it will be rebuilt and will bring many more memories for us and future generations…
we can only hope and pray it will and once again bring happiness to all the surrounding areas of people who came from everywhere, near and far, just to get a taste of our beautiful beaches, our boardwalks and lots of fun times together with friends and family…
if you lived in or visited the Jersey Shore, you were blessed with wonderful memories..,
here to all those working hard at bringing it all back… remember, we’re Jersey Strong!

Building Friendships

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Building Friendships

i want to thank everyone for taking time to read my blog…it’s a beautiful thing to know there are some people who’s faces i may never see or people i may never meet, but have opened up their hearts to people they don’t know and welcome them into their world…
i feel blessed having you as a part of my world and think it’s awesome building new friendships whether near or far…it’s a way to stretch out your hand and give hope to many…
i don’t know how to do awards (or accept them or post them) …but if i could create and award for what i’m trying to say, this would be the picture…you guys are precious and i thank every one of you for visiting/liking/or following my blog…you guys rock!!!!