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Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

Divine Help Never Fails…



i apologize for this one being so lengthy, as i can’t seem to find an easier/shorter way to express myself about this subject…and, i will keep it about me, as not to judge anyone who’s been down this road…
here’s the deal…
at times when life threw me some curve balls i tried everything i could, and sometimes nothing seemed to help…i used to think i went to the right people, places and/or things for help, sometimes it helped and sometimes not.
as years went on, i found i was going to the wrong people, thinking they were friends, unfortunately i found they were only there for what they needed from me(i was ok with that b/c my heart is to help others if i can, so i understood it) but yet, it frustrated me b/c now i needed some guidance and there was none to be found, or so i thought.
i began to honestly seek divine help more than ever (i always talked to God , but i never thought i had the right to ask Him to help me with something as trivial as needing people who could teach me or pray with me for help, after all, isn’t He too busy with life’s tragedies and worldwide stuff like war, poverty and disease? i was clueless, being raised catholic i was taught prayers for myself was selfish and prideful as others needs were more important!…
i’m going to skip past this part (it will all be in my book one day lol)
i did find God had particular people He’s given me to go to for prayer and guidance and at times like this,  i will turn to those who are close to my heart and spirit…i know God has put them in my life to stand with me in the best and worst of times. some of them, sadly, have been through the worst of times and yet they are always there for me…(i will always admire and honor them for having such unconditional, loving hearts for me and others).
right now there is no human help for what’s taking place in the here and now, but i do know this, in these times i can and will seek those who God has given me, after seeking Him in all His wisdom…being soul-y dependent on Him, trusting Him and expecting Him to open the path of peace and keep me walking in it steadily as i wait for Him to bring to pass the answers i need.
i know this may sound like gibberish to some…but give me a moment to try to explain a bit…
when there is something in your life that continually causes pain and no matter what you do, it doesn’t ease up, only divine intervention can be the answer… even after some long heartfelt prayer, this is when i realize my efforts of begging or pleading are in vain…why? because there is One who was moved with compassion and love, to come to my aid…but the truth is, He was moved a long time ago and took care of business long before i needed it…
when i came to that realization for the first time, it began to give me a deeper glimpse into the reality of the One who made the earth, the stars, and all things, including human beings…
i don’t want to get into another story here, but i do know this, there is a God who is so loving, so caring, that before our troubles began, He saw to it to give us the answer to every problem before they happened…
by me thinking about ME and MY problem so much, i left out the most important part of the equation…HIM! it seems i lose sight of the whole picture at times and forget there is an answer, even if it’s beyond my seeing at the moment…
i’ve learned through the years, the more i put myself aside and choose to focus on Him the more i begin to understand things from a heavenly perspective.
it’s true i see with my eyes, but i also have spiritual eyes, and i’m choosing more and more each day to look with those eyes, they seem to tell me the truth.
i have found, that if i ask to see with His eyes i get a better perspective on each situation.
this is the divine help that never fails me…with it, i can’t go wrong, it gives me clarity without my emotions getting in my way. and my spiritual friends are an added bonus that God has given me…and silly me, all i had to do was ask for divine help, and voila!
i’m always amazed at how simple things can be…geez, if i only had the sense to understand and ask, but then again, fear kept me from asking, BUT not anymore…i’m freeeeee and it feels good, even in my given situation, i will trust Him, knowing He has all the answers, all i have to do is ask for it to be brought into the light…and, obviously, He is the one who turns on the switch…

peace out…




i keep hitting escape but i'm still herei’ll try to keep this one short…lol…

did you ever experience those times when you wish you could just hit the escape key and say “beam me up Scottie”

i’m sure everyone feels that way at times…but if i’ve learned anything in those times, it’s this

life isn’t for sissies…it’s not for quitters…there’s no easy way out…you have to be tough to go through life…you have to decide you’re going to push and push and push…(yeah, sometimes you have to lay down and rest) but then you have to get up and push again, and again until you push through

the truth is, we will always have circumstances in our lives to frustrate us or torment us, but if we want to see it change,we have to push enough to prove to ourselves we have what we need to make it through. and again, the truth IS we WILL make it, in spite of what those little voices in our head tries to tell us!

so, put on your big girl panties and get ready to PUSH back when those frustrating times come, and PUSH and PUSH until you get the right results…don’t quit…EVER…and don’t give in to those lying thoughts…take every ounce of strength you have and remember to PUSH…

life may seem impossible and hard at times, but we have a GOD of the IMPOSSIBLE, and He will help us PUSH until we see the victory

so, just do it! i know you’ll be happy you did 🙂

You’re Stronger Than You Think!

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You're Stronger Than You Think!

i’m not one who shares much of my personal life, i’m more interested in how you’re doing…
i find it’s boring to talk about me, definitely more interesting hearing your words.

so, with that said, let me say this…i find we’re kind of like tea bags, we never know how much hot water we can handle until we’re dunked a few times!

but the best part is, the longer you linger in the water the stronger the flavor!!
sooooo, think about and decide what flavor you’re going to be…

it’s obvious i’m going for a full, robust flavor, lol…how about you?

SING SING SING it’s Spring


SING SING SING it's Spring

hmmmm, yes, spring is here, it’s actually been here for a while, even though the weather has been trying to speak otherwise…and yet the birds don’t seem to mind the weather, they’re still out there more than ever everyday singing their song. the more i thought about it, I realized it’s time for me to start believing like they do…they don’t care what other’s think, they don’t care that the weather isn’t acting like it’s supposed this time of year, they just go on with what they know in their hearts…they know it’s spring and they act like it!
watching them play around soaring through the air enjoying the beauty of the day, is mesmerizing! it’s delightful! it has a magical feel to it and yet, how many of us overlook this daily beauty (yep, I’m guilty)?
well, I’ve decided to change my way of seeing things and hopefully you will too and take a tip from these lovely creatures…let’s start living life believing in all the good things we can’t see. let’s just simply believe like a child does…why not be like the birds of the air, and have the imagination of a child, let’s just enjoy, believe and sing no matter what we see with our natural eyes…let’s let our imaginations take us on a wild ride and discover the beauty in unseen things….let’s make our own song and sing it loud enough to let others hear and join in! let’s be the song that helps others to see, so they too can believe and have joy even if things look different than our circumstances…create your song, believe you can, make your own tune, let your heart create what you want to be and see…and then SING SING SING….spring brings new things, it produces life that’s been hidden away…let’s sing a new song, let new life spring forth and produce the beauty that only spring can bring! be like the birds, each having their own special sound, it’s in your heart…listen to it and then let it loose and sing your song, join in, you’re a part of the harmony, it’s not complete without you, go ahead, do it, it’s waiting for you 😉

The Bright Side


The Bright Side

ever notice people who are depressed find it very difficult to find the “happy side of life”? they find it difficult to release any kind of smile or hint of joy? i’ve been there and i’ve come to the conclusion that it’s always a choice to allow yourself some time to think things through when going through a bad time…but staying there is another story.
we’re taught that for every bad situation, there’s some good that can come out of it…or as some say it “what the devil causes for harm, God will bring good out of it”…God is the creator of all things. He knows what our enemy’s up to and He knows how to make the old snake slither away…it’s our job to recognize who’s causing the problems and who’s fixing the mess…the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy right? God comes to give life to all things…we have to realize, God’s in our court and wants to bring us peace, joy and love daily, it’s our job to choose to see that, and believe it.
to trust in all that’s true, we must choose to believe God will bring good into every bad situation…it’s totally our choice…it may seem crazy to think like that, but it really does work to look on the bright side when you know who’s for you. try to look up instead of down, you’ve got nothing to lose, just keep trying, don’t be a quitter, sooner or later you’ll see how bright it is and how much easier it gets!
make a choice to be happy, get around happy people who love you and laugh with them…have yourself a “happy party” and let happy hour become an everyday joy ride for you…then go out and buy a good pair of sunglasses, because the light will be shining much brighter where you live! and before you know it you’ll be pouring out smiles everywhere you go, making others happier too… 😉