Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita



GIANT IN FRONT OF ME IS NOT GREATER THAN THE GOD WHO'S WITH MEi guess i can say, the war is on…you know the deal, getting hit from every side, getting blind-sided, right hook, left jab. etc.

let’s just say it hasn’t been easy, and i know i speak for most of us right now.

it seems everyone i talk to is saying the same thing…they all feel like they’ve been in a war that’s been relentless…so, what’s the answer to that? what do you say when someone tells you they’ve been relentlessly attacked from every angle?

i can honestly say, i’m speechless when it comes to answering that question…until now…

in my continued nagging at God over these constant attacks, i’ve found the only answer was to be as relentless as my adversary!!!  i’m determined to not quit or get discouraged, but to fight the good fight and knock the enemy out of the park!!! GAME OVER!!! 

hmmmm, GAME OVER…isn’t that the truth? isn’t that what the Word says? doesn’t it declare the war has been won, and yet we continue to find ourselves in constant battle? well, i don’t know about you, but i’m not giving in to the enemy’s bullying…yep, you heard me…he’s a bully!!!! he’s no different than the kid at recess who knocks you down to take your lunch money!! he’s a BULLY!!!! and i’m not taking it anymore…i’ve decided i’m standing  up to him and reminding him he was knocked out a long time ago and i’m not standing in agreement with him anymore!!!

you see, it’s when i realized that allowing this bully to shake me down(like a mob guy), i had agreed with him out of fear! i finally got the revelation that i needed to suck it up and put on my big girl panties, look him right in the eye and stare him down!!!! yessiree…i heard the music in my head from the movie “Rocky”, and realized, i’ve got what it takes to enforce the victory, that was won for me!!!! that’s right!, no longer will i let him bully me around, even if i’m shaking in my boots, i’m STANDING up to that bully and reminding him, he’s the loser, not me!!!

it’s time for us all to remember what was done for us and what our rights are!! no more bullying, no more intimidation, no more fear!!! WE WIN…THE VICTORY IS OURS…WE ARE THE ENFORCERS…WE NEED TO REMIND HIM, HE’S THE LOSER…WE ARE STRONG, WE ARE VICTORIOUS, WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE KING…PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

get BOLD!!! be BRAVE…STARE HIM DOWN!!! and remember, it’s not YOU…it’s Who is in YOU…and the enemy is afraid of Him…and afraid of YOU…he’s just hoping you never find out who you are and Who’s in you…so, let’s rock this out…let’s enforce the victory!! let’s knock him out and show him WHO’S we are and where our help comes from!!!!  ding ding ding…last round…it’s a K.O.

peace out…







BE YOURSELF stand out from the crowd

did you ever feel alone in a room filled with people? or when there’s a party going on you may feel you’re on the outside looking in? what about not being picked on a sports team in school? maybe you were overlooked for a promotion? ever have days like that?
i know you may not believe it, but everyone experiences some form of rejection at least once in their lifetime…
and yes, it’s a painful feeling thinking no one cares about you or recognizes your gifts or talents.
but maybe this is not really rejection as you know it.
can you stop for a moment and consider it may not be others who are rejecting you , but maybe you’re rejecting yourself, simply by not seeing your “true” self-worth?
the truth my friend is , you have been duped! you have believed an age old lie……
you see, what’s behind all of this rejection is fear ! fear lies and tells you no one cares about you, you’re not good enough, you don’t fit in, you have no friends, you’re not pretty enough, talented enough……are you getting my point?
well it’s time to take that fear and turn it in for some good old fashioned truth!
don’t let fear whip you and tear you down……take that fear and make it bow it’s knee and come under subjection to the truth!!! want to know what the truth is? the truth is that you are worthy to be a vital part of life and you were called to be planted in a strategic place… did you know you are worth more than silver or gold in the eyes of your creator? anything other than that is a nasty lie….
listen, we all have areas that need work, but focusing on the down side only brings bad results! focus on the good things about yourself!
see yourself as one who’s a victor! one who can take on a challenge and jump over it like deer who’s feet can take them through rocky mountains!
come on, we all face challenges in life, why not refocus and see yourself as the one who wins instead of loses? you can do it!! anyone can, you just have to decide you want to sprint to the finish line! remember, if you’re going to run the race, it’s just a matter of giving it your best shot……that’s what really counts. truth be told, we’re all winners to someone!
so why not take a stand and see yourself strong and courageous? just look fear and rejection in the eye and tell them they have to find another resting place because you’re evicting them!!! hang up the“no vacancy”sign and tell those losers you’ve just rented the room to a winner!!!
oh! one last thing, don’t forget to thank your creator for who you are and how you were made, after all, you’re perfect in the sight of the master potter……so seriously ask yourself, who’s opinion really matters most? doesn’t the potter love his creation more than anything? then, why not take his hand and celebrate with him and be happy for who you were created to be?
come on…….let’s turn up the music and do the victory dance together!

peace out


Be Fearless…Be Free!


how many of you feel confined? ask yourself why are you like this, and why did you build those walls?  and then, ask yourself, what can you do to free yourself? yes, i know it’s not always easy…BUT!
it’s time to free yourself and break down the wallsit’s your time!!
don’t be confined…BREAK FREE and enjoy the life God has given you…imagine yourself finally free, then call it into being!!
BELIEVE in the power of your words, believe in what God has spoken over you, believe in YOU…you and Him, that’s a beautiful match!!
don’t let anything confine you anymore!!!! and don’t sabotage yourself and keep yourself locked away…be brave, be fearless, be YOU!!
go for the gold, the gold in you…be who you were created to be…NO FEAR anymore…
trust that He will walk you through the veil that has kept you from seeing yourself as He sees you…walk through that web that tries to keep you clouded and restrained…
your time has come, get your hammer out and start chipping away at those walls!! piece by piece they’ll come down, giving you a glimpse of the light outside the walls…
it’s beautiful out there, it’s where you were destined to shine!! don’t keep your light hidden behind walls so thick you die slowly, never seeing the light of day!
you CAN do it…you and Him…together swing that hammer and make the first crack…it gets easier after the first swing!
go ahead, on the count of 3, swing it
peace out…



OK OK, so we all know the world is going crazy,,,obviously, there’s no more RESPECT!!!! and that’s sad…when was please and thank you such a bad thing? when and how did it all stop? where’s the love for others?

but i’m sayin’ we don’t have to sit and watch as the “crazies” do their thing . we can make a difference…all we have to do is “be the change”!!!

it only takes one person at a time to begin acting with loving kindness! if enough people think of others more than themselves we can make a break in this hard, crusty, calcified interior that most seem to have these days…i’ve heard some say they’ve never been shown love, yeah ok, i buy that (sometimes)…but, believe me,that can change too, all it you have to do is check your hard drive…go ahead…try it…

funny how we know all about running computer checks on our laptops, but never check our personal computer, you know the one i’m talking about, right? yeah, you got it…go ahead run the virus scan…oh, and do the deep one not the short scan…check it out…see what comes up? don’t be afraid, no one’s watching…it’s just you and the man who made the computer…

hmmm, do you think it’s defective? ok, kidding…just trying to lighten you up a little…(smile)…

ok ok, let’s go back a bit…i’ll try to be serious here…so, what’s the computer reading? got some junk in your trunk? did you find some glitches that are making you a bit on edge? got some issues with the family, boss, spouse, or maybe your dating and there’s something not working right there? or is it all of the above?  no matter which one it is or how many, the point i’m trying to make is this…start with you, yeah that’s what i said, Y.O.U…we all have glitches, we all need to run the virus scans often…and believe me i’s for our good!

all it takes is a few adjustments, that is, if you can recognize the glitches and agree to work on them…it’s not hard at all…and the key is, wanting it to work, wanting to change…trust me, it’s in the reader’s manual…do you always want to be angry, mad, frustrated, hurt, unloved (that’s really a lie you know, everyone is loved by someone, but that’s another post)…so are these any of the things found on your hard drive?

bottom line is this…start small and make the changes. try it daily, even moment by moment is good…but do it and you’ll find that soon you will feel something warm and fuzzy goin’ on inside…when you feel that…go with it!! and when you go with it, you’ll find you will probably like it!! AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS???? you’re ready to rock and roll!!!

that’s when you make your move and alert your face!! let everyone see your smile, (instead of the frown or disgust or whatever scowl you wore)…DO IT and you’ll be happy you did…and before you know it others will see it and they’ll smile back…hmmmmm, i feel good already!!!

i hope this helps you find your glitch and get back into showing the world some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

but can i be honest? you’ve got to show yourself some R.E.S.P.E.C.T…. that’s where it begins…and when you do, others will take notice…and then that’s where it all happens, that’s where the change starts to ignite others…so go ahead, do it, do it for them, do it for YOU…do it and change the world, one hard drive at a time…