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Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

Different Crayons Makes Life More Colorful


Different Crayons Makes Life More Colorful

hang in there with me on this one please…

you see, i’ve  always wondered  why people try to fit you into their mold (actually, i don’t even like the word “mold”, it’s a yucky word)…who says you’re supposed to be more like everyone else, or more like your mother, sister, brother, the kid down the street, etc…you get what i mean, right?
what is it about people? it’s the most frustrating thing i’ve struggled with my whole life!
but, this year i’ve given it much thought and i’ve decided that i’m going to be more like a box of crayons…you know, the really really really BIG box, with all the different colors?

yeah, that’s me…because, then i can be any color i want, given any situation…it’s not that i’m a social chameleon, by any means.  it’s just that i have such a diverse personality, and i finally realized i was born this way! so what’s a person to do wit that? well,  i’ve decided to come up with a new personality type…i’m callin’ it ” the crayon personality“…all it means is,now you don’t fit into one type, not an A type or B type…because there are those of us that would be considered a “BBC” type (BIG Box of Crayons)! you see? it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that one!!!

so, now that i have it figured out (for myself, that is), i’d say  it’s got to be a really BIG box! so that means,  there’s plenty of room for anyone who’s brave enough to jump in!! think about it for a minute, if God made us all different, then we should alllllll be who we were created to be! can you imagine what a beautiful tapestry we could make if we all hung out in the same box, not worrying about who’s what color? WOW, that’s the way i like it, we could  be anything (or any color) without hearing the noise from those who are contrary…hmmmm, it’s sounding better by the minute!

so what do you say? want to make our own creation, want to be freeeeeee?  think about it for a minute… we can all be whatever we want and we can help become an example of that beautiful tapestry …wow, we’d make God pretty proud don’tcha think?

peace out…


SING SING SING it’s Spring


SING SING SING it's Spring

hmmmm, yes, spring is here, it’s actually been here for a while, even though the weather has been trying to speak otherwise…and yet the birds don’t seem to mind the weather, they’re still out there more than ever everyday singing their song. the more i thought about it, I realized it’s time for me to start believing like they do…they don’t care what other’s think, they don’t care that the weather isn’t acting like it’s supposed this time of year, they just go on with what they know in their hearts…they know it’s spring and they act like it!
watching them play around soaring through the air enjoying the beauty of the day, is mesmerizing! it’s delightful! it has a magical feel to it and yet, how many of us overlook this daily beauty (yep, I’m guilty)?
well, I’ve decided to change my way of seeing things and hopefully you will too and take a tip from these lovely creatures…let’s start living life believing in all the good things we can’t see. let’s just simply believe like a child does…why not be like the birds of the air, and have the imagination of a child, let’s just enjoy, believe and sing no matter what we see with our natural eyes…let’s let our imaginations take us on a wild ride and discover the beauty in unseen things….let’s make our own song and sing it loud enough to let others hear and join in! let’s be the song that helps others to see, so they too can believe and have joy even if things look different than our circumstances…create your song, believe you can, make your own tune, let your heart create what you want to be and see…and then SING SING SING….spring brings new things, it produces life that’s been hidden away…let’s sing a new song, let new life spring forth and produce the beauty that only spring can bring! be like the birds, each having their own special sound, it’s in your heart…listen to it and then let it loose and sing your song, join in, you’re a part of the harmony, it’s not complete without you, go ahead, do it, it’s waiting for you 😉