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Our Feathered Friends


a  while ago,  i was reminded about angels and the important role they play in our daily lives.

as i seriously began contemplating it more and more, before long, i  found myself in “feather feather land” stumbling on constant feather findings!
they’d be on my kitchen floor, in my bathroom, on my porch, and in my pool.
i must admit, my wild imagination had me thinking “could these feathers be “angel” feathers“?
i found a feather floating in my the pool today, that’s when i questioned if all these feathers could possibly have a common denominator?

 what i realized was this….sometimes, we settle on one thought and tend to think we have all the answers,  at least that’s what i thought when i imagined that every feather i found was probably one of my angel’s feathers falling out and floating down to earth because of some great battle with darkness!! (yes, i have an overactive imagination)
yet, in light of it all , i can see how every feather i found may not have been from my envisioned angelic hosts. but nevertheless, these were clear, simple signs for me to follow.
and the most important thing for me to remember is this…they all pointed me back to what i was reminded of months ago. we all have been given angels (yes, with feathered wings) who walk with us daily to protect and fight for us….and as childish as that may seem to some, truth be told, this is an absolute wondrous and precious gift  God gave us!  for that, we should be thankful. we must realize our heavenly feathered friends, daily, do their job of protecting and doing battle for us……..

so, always be aware of your private posse of angels…and the next time you find a feather, think heavenly thoughts! though you may not see them, they are always protecting you. and you never know when your angels are doing battle for you here and in the heavens and sending you a little reminder by dropping a feather in flight~~~~~~~~

peace out~~~