Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita


It’s Your Choice…

sometimes life is a real bummer…and other times it’s so full of joy that you can’t contain it! but here’s the deal…whether it’s full of downers or pumped up with joy, you still have to choose if you want to partake of either of them…
of course it’s easy to dance with the joyful…but it’s hard not to drag yourself into the pity parties…i’ve made up my mind for sometime now to choose not to join in with the debbie downers, even if it’s an opportunity or a door open to walk through…
everything has a choice…everything has two sides…your choice is to decide which will you follow after…will you dance with the wolves or waltz with the King?
i see His hand stretched out to you…take it…
i know what i’m choosing…DANCE ...WITH THE KING OF KINGSpeace out…



BE YOURSELF stand out from the crowd

did you ever feel alone in a room filled with people? or when there’s a party going on you may feel you’re on the outside looking in? what about not being picked on a sports team in school? maybe you were overlooked for a promotion? ever have days like that?
i know you may not believe it, but everyone experiences some form of rejection at least once in their lifetime…
and yes, it’s a painful feeling thinking no one cares about you or recognizes your gifts or talents.
but maybe this is not really rejection as you know it.
can you stop for a moment and consider it may not be others who are rejecting you , but maybe you’re rejecting yourself, simply by not seeing your “true” self-worth?
the truth my friend is , you have been duped! you have believed an age old lie……
you see, what’s behind all of this rejection is fear ! fear lies and tells you no one cares about you, you’re not good enough, you don’t fit in, you have no friends, you’re not pretty enough, talented enough……are you getting my point?
well it’s time to take that fear and turn it in for some good old fashioned truth!
don’t let fear whip you and tear you down……take that fear and make it bow it’s knee and come under subjection to the truth!!! want to know what the truth is? the truth is that you are worthy to be a vital part of life and you were called to be planted in a strategic place… did you know you are worth more than silver or gold in the eyes of your creator? anything other than that is a nasty lie….
listen, we all have areas that need work, but focusing on the down side only brings bad results! focus on the good things about yourself!
see yourself as one who’s a victor! one who can take on a challenge and jump over it like deer who’s feet can take them through rocky mountains!
come on, we all face challenges in life, why not refocus and see yourself as the one who wins instead of loses? you can do it!! anyone can, you just have to decide you want to sprint to the finish line! remember, if you’re going to run the race, it’s just a matter of giving it your best shot……that’s what really counts. truth be told, we’re all winners to someone!
so why not take a stand and see yourself strong and courageous? just look fear and rejection in the eye and tell them they have to find another resting place because you’re evicting them!!! hang up the“no vacancy”sign and tell those losers you’ve just rented the room to a winner!!!
oh! one last thing, don’t forget to thank your creator for who you are and how you were made, after all, you’re perfect in the sight of the master potter……so seriously ask yourself, who’s opinion really matters most? doesn’t the potter love his creation more than anything? then, why not take his hand and celebrate with him and be happy for who you were created to be?
come on…….let’s turn up the music and do the victory dance together!

peace out

Being Yourself Can Seem Strange to Others…


Being Yourself Can Seem Strange to Others...

have you ever noticed people are very critical of how you look?
i have to say many have inspired me (betsey johnson is just one) through the years to “be an original” and i still hold strong to those thoughts, maybe even more today!! i love to encourage others to do the same…after all, we’re all free to be who we are even if it’s mimicking others in the way we dress, sing, write, dance, play sports, etc…people copy designers all the time, male and female, all over the planet!
all this to say and hopefully remind others to “be yourself” don’t be a copy…others are always trying to make you into who they think you should be…well i ask you this…what the heck is wrong with who you are? if YOU don’t like who you are “change it”!!! find what makes you tick…think about what you love, who you admire, those things play a big part in what you become.
just be sure it fits you like your own skin…i do suggest you use good judgement before you take the leap of change, but nevertheless, become who you were created to be, and have fun doing it! you’ll be much happier with yourself and others will love you for it…it’s your world, spread your wings and fly…i did!!!