Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita





have you ever thought about what happens when you dig a hole?
i never recognized the importance of digging one, until i saw how it actually alters everything around it….
i know it sounds crazy, but stay with me on this one and think about it for just a moment…..
a hole is made by removing dirt from a specific area, large or small.
obviously you remove the dirt to make room for something else…..and then you have to take that same dirt, place it somewhere, adding it to something, which then  alters it’s original appearance….hmmmm…
where am i going with this, you might ask?…….well, let me say it this way….sometimes we have to dig holes in areas of our lives that need shifting or removal…..when that happens, it’s most likely not a bad thing……i would venture to say that whatever is being removed is actually making room for something new and exciting!

just think of this alteration as a makeover!! just remove some old dirt and lay it on an area that needs rebuilding or raising up in order to take a step up to see from a different perspective! and then, fill your empty hole with some seeds that will produce life so you can share it with others…..

so then, why not begin looking at this hole as a new season in your life…..and see the extra dirt as a way for you to build a hill to step up onto higher ground! while you’re up there see the world from a different point of view!
hopefully, after today a hole will never look the same to you again!!!

and with that said, i think it’s time  we get out our shovels and start digging a hole?

do you realize we could change the world one hole at a time!!!

peace out…



Frustrating DAYS ahead!!!

FREAKED OUT let’s start with this thought…Christianity…ugh…sometimes i get crazy with how it’s perceived and projected…grrrrrr…what happened to it?

ok, ok, i know i’ll probably get a lot of slack for this post, BUT, some things need to be said, and today is my day to vent!

i’m tired of hearing all about how people are offended so easily…they moan and groan over the most ridiculous things…

unfortunately it’s becoming so wide spread,  i can’t even check in on Facebook anymore without everyone yapping about all their offenses over this one, that one, the pastor, the worship leader, someone’s dress is too short, or they don’t like the jeans people wear, their hair is dyed crazy colors, they have visible, pierced, body parts, and on and on they go!!!       OMG!!! enough already!!!

is there no end to the critics??? can’t people just enjoy their walk with the Lord instead of constantly having to be RIGHT about their own thoughts,or opinions, always trying to shove it down our throats?

when are we going to start LOVING those who are different than we are? when are we going to pray for one another and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work? HELLOOOO!!!

i remember teaching my kids that everyone doesn’t do the same things we may do, but learn it doesn’t always mean they’re right and you’re wrong, or visa versa…i taught how to respect others and give them room to share who they are.

that didn’t mean to follow others, it meant to see what’s out there and keep yourself grounded in who you are in the process. SADLY, that’s far from the norm today, and we know it’s a BIG problem .

ok, so i’m ranting about this, because…i’m tired of letting others try to force their stinking thinking (i do hate that term, but it’s the only one i can find at the moment) on me and others…

here’s my final thoughts that i’m leaving you with:

if you don’t like how i think, too bad…i may not like the way you do, but kindly keep it to yourself, as i do…if not, don’t expect me to always be silent, i may at any given moment speak up! this may offend you, BUT, to that i say…oh well….

this may not seem christian from where you stand, but again, oh well…i’m done with tip toeing around about how i feel about this…if you have your opinion, then, guess what? SO DO Iput on your big girl panties and go home, or take your football and go home, whichever fits the situation, go with it.

i know some of you well enough that you may think this is sooooo out of my character, but i’ve decided to put on my big girl panties and stand up for those who have been beaten down by this shmutz!!!

i applaud those who are trying to make a difference in this and other, more difficult areas, which i choose NOT to touch on today, that’s for another day…this is just a small drop in the issues that totally annoy the living daylights out of me!!

btw, i’m being as polite as i can be, and choosing my words as best i can in this moment…

soooooo, there’s you have it, this is today’s rant, and i’m sticking to it!!

peace out…