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Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita




doesn’t it seem like people are against you a lot? in today’s world everyone fights against each other always seeing the bad in each other…it’s getting kind of sickening if you ask me.
i’m not a pessimist, by any means, yet this troubles me. i hate seeing everyone backbiting, going for each other’s throats over silly things.

where’s the love these days?
i’ve come to terms with it and finally concluded, people are truly lovers of themselves and don’t care who they hurt or who they step on to get things they want..they’ve forgotten how to love others and deny themselves…what a crazy world we live in huh? it’s all a sick game don’tcha think?
well, the more i gave it thought, the more frustrated i became and started my own little version of how the game should be played…i’ve asked myself this, if someone has it in for me b/c they don’t like the color of my hair, skin or eyes, then should i extend grace to that person or make them feel the pain they’re causing me? should i spew my mouth off at them or turn in silence and walk away avoiding strife at any cost? the more i thought about it, the more scenarios my little mind came up with! i tried my best to be christian in my thinking until i heard about a young boy i knew who was bullied and beat up in school and i became a bit different for that moment in time! that’s when i realized sometimes one must stand up to some people…and that’s when i figured out my human side made a decision…and it was this…”take your best shot, and it better be good, because if i get up you’re gonna wish i didn’t!!!!!
is that a good example? probably not, but if you think about it, the flesh can make one lose control, espeicially if you hurt any of my loved ones!!!

obviously it’s time i change my focus and let my flesh sit down for a spell…ya think?

as i did that and surrendered my thoughts i began to look from a different perspectiveHis perspective instead of mine (ouchie)…i realized i was thinking from human thoughts and not with the mind and heart of the spirit. as i refocused, i began to see it from another side, His side…i saw hurting people who lashed out because they were unhappy with themselves. i saw hurting people who were never taught how to manage their emotions. i saw hurting people who never tasted love, pure lovemy heart hurts now

soooooo, now, i felt the pain of some and realized maybe if i pray for them, maybe their life can be changed…maybe if i could touch one or two or three of them i can show them what love is…maybe if i smile at them, they’ll sense i’m not against them, but for them…maybe, just maybe, that will help them move toward the warmer side of love and succumb to the truth of His great love…hmmmm…

got lots to think about now…

peace out

ps…in answer to my own question …yes, i should extend grace to them…but if they’re on the dark side’s team…then, they should run… (sorry, there’s still some human blood running through my veins) 😉




Frustrating DAYS ahead!!!

FREAKED OUT let’s start with this thought…Christianity…ugh…sometimes i get crazy with how it’s perceived and projected…grrrrrr…what happened to it?

ok, ok, i know i’ll probably get a lot of slack for this post, BUT, some things need to be said, and today is my day to vent!

i’m tired of hearing all about how people are offended so easily…they moan and groan over the most ridiculous things…

unfortunately it’s becoming so wide spread,  i can’t even check in on Facebook anymore without everyone yapping about all their offenses over this one, that one, the pastor, the worship leader, someone’s dress is too short, or they don’t like the jeans people wear, their hair is dyed crazy colors, they have visible, pierced, body parts, and on and on they go!!!       OMG!!! enough already!!!

is there no end to the critics??? can’t people just enjoy their walk with the Lord instead of constantly having to be RIGHT about their own thoughts,or opinions, always trying to shove it down our throats?

when are we going to start LOVING those who are different than we are? when are we going to pray for one another and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work? HELLOOOO!!!

i remember teaching my kids that everyone doesn’t do the same things we may do, but learn it doesn’t always mean they’re right and you’re wrong, or visa versa…i taught how to respect others and give them room to share who they are.

that didn’t mean to follow others, it meant to see what’s out there and keep yourself grounded in who you are in the process. SADLY, that’s far from the norm today, and we know it’s a BIG problem .

ok, so i’m ranting about this, because…i’m tired of letting others try to force their stinking thinking (i do hate that term, but it’s the only one i can find at the moment) on me and others…

here’s my final thoughts that i’m leaving you with:

if you don’t like how i think, too bad…i may not like the way you do, but kindly keep it to yourself, as i do…if not, don’t expect me to always be silent, i may at any given moment speak up! this may offend you, BUT, to that i say…oh well….

this may not seem christian from where you stand, but again, oh well…i’m done with tip toeing around about how i feel about this…if you have your opinion, then, guess what? SO DO Iput on your big girl panties and go home, or take your football and go home, whichever fits the situation, go with it.

i know some of you well enough that you may think this is sooooo out of my character, but i’ve decided to put on my big girl panties and stand up for those who have been beaten down by this shmutz!!!

i applaud those who are trying to make a difference in this and other, more difficult areas, which i choose NOT to touch on today, that’s for another day…this is just a small drop in the issues that totally annoy the living daylights out of me!!

btw, i’m being as polite as i can be, and choosing my words as best i can in this moment…

soooooo, there’s you have it, this is today’s rant, and i’m sticking to it!!

peace out…

Enough Already…Religion sucks…


Enough Already...Religion sucks...

ok, i’m taking a big risk here, but right now, i just don’t care and today this is the place to “dump” my stuff…please don’t take offense, i’m just letting off steam…this is NOT about all church people, but for those who do this, i’m sick of it!!
i’m tired of people in the church world who can’t see that it’s not what church we go to that makes us “the” church….it’s about being the human beings we are in the heart and being a reflection of the light to others…
when we can come together in the same heart, then we “TOGETHER” make the church…when we dwell in unity with a heart filled with love for one another and help the poor, be a friend to those in need, bring relief to the hungry, hold the hurting, laugh with those who are happy, rejoice with those who are celebrating, mourn with those in grief…that’s coming together and being “the body” …
there’s an old saying that goes like this ” going to church doesn’t make you a christian, anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car!”…
do people really think god is going to ask us what church we went to when we get to heaven???? helloooooooo… people are dumb…there! i said it!! what is wrong with people? i’ve met more people outside of church who are happy, loving and real, than i have inside, and to be truthful, i like them better!
the church needs to think long and hard about what they’re projecting to others! they need to stop making everyone feel like they’re the only perfect ones and we’re all going to hell if we don’t go to their church!!! come’on now, wake up!!! even Jesus called the church people hypocrites!
here’s the deal…i want to be a reflection of love, grace, compassion, hope sprinkled with freedom, joy, peace, laughter, singing, sum it up…i want to be freeeeeeeeee to love whom i please, free to be what others need me to be to bring them what they need…it’s NOT about me…it’s about them!!
what is waiting for me out there? i don’t know, but i want to be the answer for “them”…i want to bring hope to the hopeless….
i’m not talking going to a foreign country kinda thing…i’m talking where ever the need…just being a light to those who never know joy, who need hope for the future…sometimes just lending an ear…whatever the cause, i want to bring the flag of freedom and hope with lots of love to share…
ok ok ok…i’ll stop there…i have so much to say and this isn’t the place….
but i can’t thank you enough for letting me vent and who cares if no one likes me…it’s NOT about me…it’s about “them”…
’nuff said… have a nice day y’all…