Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita





have you ever thought about what happens when you dig a hole?
i never recognized the importance of digging one, until i saw how it actually alters everything around it….
i know it sounds crazy, but stay with me on this one and think about it for just a moment…..
a hole is made by removing dirt from a specific area, large or small.
obviously you remove the dirt to make room for something else…..and then you have to take that same dirt, place it somewhere, adding it to something, which then  alters it’s original appearance….hmmmm…
where am i going with this, you might ask?…….well, let me say it this way….sometimes we have to dig holes in areas of our lives that need shifting or removal…..when that happens, it’s most likely not a bad thing……i would venture to say that whatever is being removed is actually making room for something new and exciting!

just think of this alteration as a makeover!! just remove some old dirt and lay it on an area that needs rebuilding or raising up in order to take a step up to see from a different perspective! and then, fill your empty hole with some seeds that will produce life so you can share it with others…..

so then, why not begin looking at this hole as a new season in your life…..and see the extra dirt as a way for you to build a hill to step up onto higher ground! while you’re up there see the world from a different point of view!
hopefully, after today a hole will never look the same to you again!!!

and with that said, i think it’s time  we get out our shovels and start digging a hole?

do you realize we could change the world one hole at a time!!!

peace out…



Will the Real Liar please stand up!

disappointed when a liars pants don't catch on fire of course it’s me with another rant…and away we go!!

guess there are things we can’t explain or figure out…BUT, one thing’s for sure, i can’t tolerate  people staring you dead in the face and not even flinch while lying…grrrrr…

this, to me, is what i’ve been experiencing for quite some time (as i’m sure many of you have as well)…and may i ask, isn’t it the most irritating thing ever?

i think what freaks me the most is when it’s the “so-called” christian brothers/sisters that do it (honestly, i expect it from the world, duh).

i’ve spent decades believing there are still good in people, but these christians make (us) look like total hypocrites, and seriously, i’m done with it all at this point in time…

i have my few “mainstay” christian friends who are real and aren’t afraid of being who they really are, and honestly that’s refreshing these days, AND i’m very thankful for them!

don’t mean to sound so down on our brothers and sisters, but come on now, stop with the churchy faces and facades y’all put on and be real…this is a good part of why we have so many problems today!!

GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE!!! stop living the lie and be true to who you really are…do you really think others don’t see through your false identity? if you can’t love you for who you were created to be, how in heaven’s name can you love anyone else?

i’m leaving this with you guys and gals…is it me?

peace out 




i keep hitting escape but i'm still herei’ll try to keep this one short…lol…

did you ever experience those times when you wish you could just hit the escape key and say “beam me up Scottie”

i’m sure everyone feels that way at times…but if i’ve learned anything in those times, it’s this

life isn’t for sissies…it’s not for quitters…there’s no easy way out…you have to be tough to go through life…you have to decide you’re going to push and push and push…(yeah, sometimes you have to lay down and rest) but then you have to get up and push again, and again until you push through

the truth is, we will always have circumstances in our lives to frustrate us or torment us, but if we want to see it change,we have to push enough to prove to ourselves we have what we need to make it through. and again, the truth IS we WILL make it, in spite of what those little voices in our head tries to tell us!

so, put on your big girl panties and get ready to PUSH back when those frustrating times come, and PUSH and PUSH until you get the right results…don’t quit…EVER…and don’t give in to those lying thoughts…take every ounce of strength you have and remember to PUSH…

life may seem impossible and hard at times, but we have a GOD of the IMPOSSIBLE, and He will help us PUSH until we see the victory

so, just do it! i know you’ll be happy you did 🙂



ALWAYS B A FIRST RATE VERSION OF URSELF INSTEAD OF 2nd RATE VERSION OF SOME 1 ELSEmany times we look at others wishing we were more like them…it doesn’t matter who you might secretly desire to be, what matters most is asking yourself, “why do you want to be them“?

ask yourself that question and see what you come up with…you may find that all the things you think that other person has is not all it’s cracked up to be! 

you know the old saying, the grass always looks greener on the other side? well, that holds true for everything…think for a  moment, do you really know what they’re like, OR what they’ve been through!

so HERE’S  the bottom line, don’t envy another’s characteristics, outward appearance, career, etc., you get the picture?

stop looking so hard at someone else, and look inside you!! did you ever ask your Creator to show you who you are? hmmmm, there’s something to ponder!  well, why don’t you do that! you may be surprised at what you see looking through His eyes! 

remember, God never makes mistakes, AND He never makes things He doesn’t love…so the truth is, you were made perfect, not a thing missing or lacking…learn to love who you are, because He made you unique, there’s no one else like  you, or can do what you were created to do…sooooooooo, how about it? can you learn to love YOU the way HE LOVES YOU

go ahead, try it, you may be delighted in yourself just as He delights in you!! can you dare to see yourself beautiful, complete and perfect? sure you can…just ask Him, and remember, He’s in the business of creating masterpieces…so don’t try to be someone else when you’re a treasure made by your Master! 

peace out!


Betrayal or Ignorance, Either way, I choose to see the GOOD STUFF…

CHOOSE TO SEE THE GOOD STUFFfirst, let me apologize for this one being lengthy…sorry about that…

i think the toughest thing in the life is knowing you’ve been betrayed by someone who you thought was on your side…life can sometimes throw some hard blows…

if i’ve learned anything, i’ve realized i have a choice to make in every trial… you see, when someone betrays you, whether knowingly or claim ignorance… no matter what, i can make excuses and deceive myself into thinking they didn’t mean to do it, i’ll always end up in the same place…and the place is…”CHOICE”…which will i choose? will i choose to ignore what they’ve done (like i have many times before)wondering if they were really deliberate thoughts of betrayal (while claiming total ignorance to what they’ve done)?

i’ve been around this mountain so many times, but this time it was like “BAM” my eyes were opened and now i’m beginning to see there is a difference between giving grace and putting myself in the same position over and over again.

let me say this, although it saddens me, i’m learning some great lessons (finally) through it all..i’ve realized God surely wants us to forgive and not keep offenses toward others, and i’ve tried to live that as best i can. but i’ve also failed many times.

i’m finding i’m struggling with allowing others to walk all over me…(wow, i said it)! yep, i’ve been an enabler to some who i’ve given an open door to keep wiping their feet, as if i were their doormat…so the truth is, i can’t blame them, it’s my fault, and mine alone…

so, now the dilemma…will i continue to allow this? what do i do? i have had many discussions (with God) about my failures and begged for his help…now i’m realizing, His help has always been there, but i’ve been in the way…you see, He sometimes wants us to draw boundaries (which i always found hard to do, mistaking it for loving kindness)…this particular matter is indeed a place for drawing boundaries…so now,i have to suck it up, put on my big girl panties and grow up…it’s time for me to step it up and draw the lines…

why am i writing this? well, to be honest, i’m hoping it will help someone else see it’s “ok” to not be a doormat…it’s “ok” to stand up and say, “enough is enough”…just because you love people (family or friends) it doesn’t mean you have to do everything they say…and yes, it’s OK to say NO….it’s OK to disagree or have an opposing opinion…it’s OK TO BE YOU!!!!

i don’t want to talk anymore here, or go way off the beam and drag this on…so i will leave it here and give you something to think about for a while and maybe i’ll get back to it….

in the meantime, my prayer for you is this…i pray God strengthens you to see inside yourself, and recognize if you’re one (like me) who needs to stand up for yourself…i pray He gives you strength to stand against enabling others at your expense…i pray He fills you with so much love that you can choose to see his goodness in others ( and yourself) but not let it be distorted deceiving you into thinking you always have to keep everyone else happy (at your expense)…

the truth is you can’t make everyone happy…you just can’t, it’s not meant for you to do that…that’s God’s job…you just have to do your best and be YOU, the YOU you were created to be…WARNING: not everyone will like you, but that’s OK!..remember you were made in His image and HE loves you more than any person alive…that’s the truth…

so, for now, choose to see the good stuff in others, but don’t let that make you think you have to agree with everything they do, or… keep them happy all the time…your job is to love, not enable, not coddle, not make excuses for their actions, just love…and sometimes choosing to love and see the good stuff means doing it from a distance…

the choice is always yours (ours)… 😉



OK OK, so we all know the world is going crazy,,,obviously, there’s no more RESPECT!!!! and that’s sad…when was please and thank you such a bad thing? when and how did it all stop? where’s the love for others?

but i’m sayin’ we don’t have to sit and watch as the “crazies” do their thing . we can make a difference…all we have to do is “be the change”!!!

it only takes one person at a time to begin acting with loving kindness! if enough people think of others more than themselves we can make a break in this hard, crusty, calcified interior that most seem to have these days…i’ve heard some say they’ve never been shown love, yeah ok, i buy that (sometimes)…but, believe me,that can change too, all it you have to do is check your hard drive…go ahead…try it…

funny how we know all about running computer checks on our laptops, but never check our personal computer, you know the one i’m talking about, right? yeah, you got it…go ahead run the virus scan…oh, and do the deep one not the short scan…check it out…see what comes up? don’t be afraid, no one’s watching…it’s just you and the man who made the computer…

hmmm, do you think it’s defective? ok, kidding…just trying to lighten you up a little…(smile)…

ok ok, let’s go back a bit…i’ll try to be serious here…so, what’s the computer reading? got some junk in your trunk? did you find some glitches that are making you a bit on edge? got some issues with the family, boss, spouse, or maybe your dating and there’s something not working right there? or is it all of the above?  no matter which one it is or how many, the point i’m trying to make is this…start with you, yeah that’s what i said, Y.O.U…we all have glitches, we all need to run the virus scans often…and believe me i’s for our good!

all it takes is a few adjustments, that is, if you can recognize the glitches and agree to work on them…it’s not hard at all…and the key is, wanting it to work, wanting to change…trust me, it’s in the reader’s manual…do you always want to be angry, mad, frustrated, hurt, unloved (that’s really a lie you know, everyone is loved by someone, but that’s another post)…so are these any of the things found on your hard drive?

bottom line is this…start small and make the changes. try it daily, even moment by moment is good…but do it and you’ll find that soon you will feel something warm and fuzzy goin’ on inside…when you feel that…go with it!! and when you go with it, you’ll find you will probably like it!! AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS???? you’re ready to rock and roll!!!

that’s when you make your move and alert your face!! let everyone see your smile, (instead of the frown or disgust or whatever scowl you wore)…DO IT and you’ll be happy you did…and before you know it others will see it and they’ll smile back…hmmmmm, i feel good already!!!

i hope this helps you find your glitch and get back into showing the world some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

but can i be honest? you’ve got to show yourself some R.E.S.P.E.C.T…. that’s where it begins…and when you do, others will take notice…and then that’s where it all happens, that’s where the change starts to ignite others…so go ahead, do it, do it for them, do it for YOU…do it and change the world, one hard drive at a time…