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Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

Different Crayons Makes Life More Colorful


Different Crayons Makes Life More Colorful

hang in there with me on this one please…

you see, i’ve  always wondered  why people try to fit you into their mold (actually, i don’t even like the word “mold”, it’s a yucky word)…who says you’re supposed to be more like everyone else, or more like your mother, sister, brother, the kid down the street, etc…you get what i mean, right?
what is it about people? it’s the most frustrating thing i’ve struggled with my whole life!
but, this year i’ve given it much thought and i’ve decided that i’m going to be more like a box of crayons…you know, the really really really BIG box, with all the different colors?

yeah, that’s me…because, then i can be any color i want, given any situation…it’s not that i’m a social chameleon, by any means.  it’s just that i have such a diverse personality, and i finally realized i was born this way! so what’s a person to do wit that? well,  i’ve decided to come up with a new personality type…i’m callin’ it ” the crayon personality“…all it means is,now you don’t fit into one type, not an A type or B type…because there are those of us that would be considered a “BBC” type (BIG Box of Crayons)! you see? it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that one!!!

so, now that i have it figured out (for myself, that is), i’d say  it’s got to be a really BIG box! so that means,  there’s plenty of room for anyone who’s brave enough to jump in!! think about it for a minute, if God made us all different, then we should alllllll be who we were created to be! can you imagine what a beautiful tapestry we could make if we all hung out in the same box, not worrying about who’s what color? WOW, that’s the way i like it, we could  be anything (or any color) without hearing the noise from those who are contrary…hmmmm, it’s sounding better by the minute!

so what do you say? want to make our own creation, want to be freeeeeee?  think about it for a minute… we can all be whatever we want and we can help become an example of that beautiful tapestry …wow, we’d make God pretty proud don’tcha think?

peace out…



Be Fearless…Be Free!


how many of you feel confined? ask yourself why are you like this, and why did you build those walls?  and then, ask yourself, what can you do to free yourself? yes, i know it’s not always easy…BUT!
it’s time to free yourself and break down the wallsit’s your time!!
don’t be confined…BREAK FREE and enjoy the life God has given you…imagine yourself finally free, then call it into being!!
BELIEVE in the power of your words, believe in what God has spoken over you, believe in YOU…you and Him, that’s a beautiful match!!
don’t let anything confine you anymore!!!! and don’t sabotage yourself and keep yourself locked away…be brave, be fearless, be YOU!!
go for the gold, the gold in you…be who you were created to be…NO FEAR anymore…
trust that He will walk you through the veil that has kept you from seeing yourself as He sees you…walk through that web that tries to keep you clouded and restrained…
your time has come, get your hammer out and start chipping away at those walls!! piece by piece they’ll come down, giving you a glimpse of the light outside the walls…
it’s beautiful out there, it’s where you were destined to shine!! don’t keep your light hidden behind walls so thick you die slowly, never seeing the light of day!
you CAN do it…you and Him…together swing that hammer and make the first crack…it gets easier after the first swing!
go ahead, on the count of 3, swing it
peace out…



ALWAYS B A FIRST RATE VERSION OF URSELF INSTEAD OF 2nd RATE VERSION OF SOME 1 ELSEmany times we look at others wishing we were more like them…it doesn’t matter who you might secretly desire to be, what matters most is asking yourself, “why do you want to be them“?

ask yourself that question and see what you come up with…you may find that all the things you think that other person has is not all it’s cracked up to be! 

you know the old saying, the grass always looks greener on the other side? well, that holds true for everything…think for a  moment, do you really know what they’re like, OR what they’ve been through!

so HERE’S  the bottom line, don’t envy another’s characteristics, outward appearance, career, etc., you get the picture?

stop looking so hard at someone else, and look inside you!! did you ever ask your Creator to show you who you are? hmmmm, there’s something to ponder!  well, why don’t you do that! you may be surprised at what you see looking through His eyes! 

remember, God never makes mistakes, AND He never makes things He doesn’t love…so the truth is, you were made perfect, not a thing missing or lacking…learn to love who you are, because He made you unique, there’s no one else like  you, or can do what you were created to do…sooooooooo, how about it? can you learn to love YOU the way HE LOVES YOU

go ahead, try it, you may be delighted in yourself just as He delights in you!! can you dare to see yourself beautiful, complete and perfect? sure you can…just ask Him, and remember, He’s in the business of creating masterpieces…so don’t try to be someone else when you’re a treasure made by your Master! 

peace out!