Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita




bear with me on this one…it’s long, i know…i apologize for the lengthy rant…

obviously most know we are in the Lenten season, and many Christians celebrate it and finish off with Easter, Resurrection Sunday…but here’s a thought…how about we celebrate His victory every day?

why do we only celebrate it once a year?

don’t get me wrong, celebrating  Him is good, NO MATTER WHEN IT IS… but i can’t seem to understand this, if He is your Savior and you say you love Him, why enjoy Him only one season a year?(well, two counting Christmas)…am i missing something here?

i don’t want to belabor this one, but it truly messes with my head knowing so many christians declare this specific day or season, and i know it’s  sincere to them, and then in one day it’s over and becomes like a flat tire afterward…they seem to forget who (whom?) they’ve just celebrated!! is it me, am i missing something here?

oh, and btw, this pic i posted about celebrating the weekend? well, it caught my eye and caused a stir in me, and that’s where this post was sparked…come on, the weekend only? hello? isn’t He worth more than just a weekend? what are we to do with Him the rest of the year?

ok, obviously i’ve made my point…and please believe me, i’m NOT judging, honestly, i’m NOT…i just don’t understand all the hoopla… forgive me for not understanding, i’m trying….i guess my heart runs different…i can’t get by one day without celebrating His great love for me and being comforted knowing He died and rose again after all that horrendous punishment He went through…again, forgive me, but He only gets one day? noooooo, i can’t do that…He gets all my days, even if i slack off a day here or there, i find myself running after Him when i realize i didn’t give Him my attention that dayHe means too much to me to not acknowledge Him and bow my heart to Him every day…

but here’s another reason of why i am so in love with Him…i love when He says, be of good cheer!!! do you see that?  don’t you see how He celebrates us!!! He did it all for us!!! He delights in His pain on that horrific day, and tells us to be of good cheer!!! wow!!! how can i NOT celebrate Him every day?  YES!!! be of good cheer!!!!! our Lord laid down His life for us on that glorious Good Friday! and 3 Days later He rose again!!! AND, He raised us with Him and said we would sit with Him at the right hand of His Father (who is also NOW our daddy !) what a GLORIOUS day (and every day) for us to celebrate… and, He has given us authority to declare He HAS overcome the world!!! what a God we serve!!! isn’t that reason enough to be celebrating Him EVERY DAY?  come on now,  we should celebrating Him daily and live it like we believe it? didn’t He do enough for us, isn’t He worth it?  i think so…how about you?

peace out




MERCY TRIUMPHS over judgement!

LOVE real love comes from the crucifixioni have little to say on this…except…

MERCY truly does TRIUMPH over judgement…

sprinkle on a little love and VOILA!

peace out…