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DO Angels Go on Disability?


Really? Can they really feel this way?

sometimes I have to say, I can understand if my angels feel like this !

Life can be hectic and wear you to the bone...that’s when I wonder if the Angels assigned to us feel like we do? Ya think?

Days pass and time flies by faster than a speeding bullet!!!! And through it all, my strength gets zapped and I just want to fall down and close my eyes, falling into a deep sleep!

does life really continue this way?  This is when I wonder how much do our angels have to endure? I’m convinced mine are sitting in this exact position, asking the good Lord if they can be put on disability for a long stretch of time!

am I the only one who feels this way? Am I crazy?

Feel free to add your thoughts …I’m really wondering About this…I’m slowly crashing and not liking it…obviously I’m not getting any younger 😉

Peace out