Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita



CHANGING WATER TO WINE lol a little humor here, for those who like to laugh  😉

when i saw this picture it made me think about how many people are so down these days…it seems as though people don’t know how to lighten up and giggle at things anymore…it’s like they’re sucking on lemons all the time…what’s the problem?

why is everyone so serious all the time…where’s the joy?

honestly, i really think even Jesus would chuckle at this pic…

come on peeps…quit being so serious all the time…laugh a little, see the lighter side of life…watch some good movies that can have you belly laughing…it’s good for the soul…you need it, your family and friends need to see you smiling more.

don’t you think it’s about time you lighten up and enjoy things in life? be the joy carrier!! make others laugh, giggle like a kid again, you’ll be surprised at how much better life looks when you do… 😉