Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita



OK OK, so we all know the world is going crazy,,,obviously, there’s no more RESPECT!!!! and that’s sad…when was please and thank you such a bad thing? when and how did it all stop? where’s the love for others?

but i’m sayin’ we don’t have to sit and watch as the “crazies” do their thing . we can make a difference…all we have to do is “be the change”!!!

it only takes one person at a time to begin acting with loving kindness! if enough people think of others more than themselves we can make a break in this hard, crusty, calcified interior that most seem to have these days…i’ve heard some say they’ve never been shown love, yeah ok, i buy that (sometimes)…but, believe me,that can change too, all it you have to do is check your hard drive…go ahead…try it…

funny how we know all about running computer checks on our laptops, but never check our personal computer, you know the one i’m talking about, right? yeah, you got it…go ahead run the virus scan…oh, and do the deep one not the short scan…check it out…see what comes up? don’t be afraid, no one’s watching…it’s just you and the man who made the computer…

hmmm, do you think it’s defective? ok, kidding…just trying to lighten you up a little…(smile)…

ok ok, let’s go back a bit…i’ll try to be serious here…so, what’s the computer reading? got some junk in your trunk? did you find some glitches that are making you a bit on edge? got some issues with the family, boss, spouse, or maybe your dating and there’s something not working right there? or is it all of the above?  no matter which one it is or how many, the point i’m trying to make is this…start with you, yeah that’s what i said, Y.O.U…we all have glitches, we all need to run the virus scans often…and believe me i’s for our good!

all it takes is a few adjustments, that is, if you can recognize the glitches and agree to work on them…it’s not hard at all…and the key is, wanting it to work, wanting to change…trust me, it’s in the reader’s manual…do you always want to be angry, mad, frustrated, hurt, unloved (that’s really a lie you know, everyone is loved by someone, but that’s another post)…so are these any of the things found on your hard drive?

bottom line is this…start small and make the changes. try it daily, even moment by moment is good…but do it and you’ll find that soon you will feel something warm and fuzzy goin’ on inside…when you feel that…go with it!! and when you go with it, you’ll find you will probably like it!! AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS???? you’re ready to rock and roll!!!

that’s when you make your move and alert your face!! let everyone see your smile, (instead of the frown or disgust or whatever scowl you wore)…DO IT and you’ll be happy you did…and before you know it others will see it and they’ll smile back…hmmmmm, i feel good already!!!

i hope this helps you find your glitch and get back into showing the world some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

but can i be honest? you’ve got to show yourself some R.E.S.P.E.C.T…. that’s where it begins…and when you do, others will take notice…and then that’s where it all happens, that’s where the change starts to ignite others…so go ahead, do it, do it for them, do it for YOU…do it and change the world, one hard drive at a time…