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Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

I got you babe :)


Oh how i remember this song and this couple! thanks to a terrific blogger i follow (Garden2day@wordpress)”’
Sonny & Cher were my faves from the get go, and i especially loved not just their singing together, but their TV show…they were a match made in heaven…and unique as well, and that’s what made them so special…they’ll still be a couple in my heart, nothing will change that…and i will always treasure who they were back in the 60’s…they made me smile a lot 🙂 …
thanks to Sonny & Cher…they were the ORIGINAL originals…


 ~ ~  😀  ~ ~

I love the words!

Blessings… 😀

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Author: Selah Vita

I love all forms of encouragement, especially if it involves humor...the greatest thing to me is watching people be uplifted ...also extending grace to those who feel down or condemned. I found it is a powerful tool... Everyone's life is valuable and I would love to bring a little bit of light and joy into their lives..selah~~~

2 thoughts on “I got you babe :)

  1. My uncle, Tom never had children of his own, and he blatantly favoured my older brother – because they could talk football! But I remember him singing this song to me when it came on the radio – quite sweet really. Thanks for evoking the memory x


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