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Prayingforoneday is now ShaunyNews – Shaun Gibson – PLEASE REBLOG!

a dear friend asked that i reblog this for him…if you once followed him, please know he’s back on and he would love to hook up with you again…and please pass this along so he can find his old blogging friends again!

Prayingforoneday is now ShaunyNews – Shaun Gibson – PLEASE REBLOG!.



I got you babe :)

Oh how i remember this song and this couple! thanks to a terrific blogger i follow (Garden2day@wordpress)”’
Sonny & Cher were my faves from the get go, and i especially loved not just their singing together, but their TV show…they were a match made in heaven…and unique as well, and that’s what made them so special…they’ll still be a couple in my heart, nothing will change that…and i will always treasure who they were back in the 60’s…they made me smile a lot 🙂 …
thanks to Sonny & Cher…they were the ORIGINAL originals…


 ~ ~  😀  ~ ~

I love the words!

Blessings… 😀

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