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Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

REBUILDING THE JERSEY SHORE…after hurricane sandy

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to those of us who love the Jersey Shore, here’s a video a NJ Reporter made after the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy…for those of us who hold treasured memories of all the great, fun times we held dear…lets hope one day soon, it will be rebuilt and will bring many more memories for us and future generations…
we can only hope and pray it will and once again bring happiness to all the surrounding areas of people who came from everywhere, near and far, just to get a taste of our beautiful beaches, our boardwalks and lots of fun times together with friends and family…
if you lived in or visited the Jersey Shore, you were blessed with wonderful memories..,
here to all those working hard at bringing it all back… remember, we’re Jersey Strong!


Author: Selah Vita

I love all forms of encouragement, especially if it involves humor...the greatest thing to me is watching people be uplifted ...also extending grace to those who feel down or condemned. I found it is a powerful tool... Everyone's life is valuable and I would love to bring a little bit of light and joy into their lives..selah~~~

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