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Pearls Before Breakfast

For complete information on this article, you can click on the above link, but, please let me rant first…

my friend Cate helped me post this (b/c I still don’t know how to transfer some things onto WP duh).
I so enjoyed listening to this musician, but was surprised and appalled at the response and ignorance of people going by…so, hang with me, while I do my dance and share my frustration…:) i apologize for it being so lengthy…
i’ll start by asking this, where are the people today, who understand and respect real talent? I’m convinced that people today are star struck (and blinded) and it shows by who they follow, they chase after every kind of pop star, tv/movie star and/or musician/s bands/groups…it’s clear they can’t spot a true gem when it’s right under their nose!
they listen and follow after “people” without really knowing what they’re following!!! they are deceived by society and here’s proof that they don’t know the “real thing” when it’s right in front of their face!!
here’s an ordinary looking guy who takes to the streets during rush hour and pulls out his tiny violin and begins to give the most intensely magical performance as he makes his instrument sing with magnificent genius…to my astonishment very few pay much attention…some generously (note the sarcasm) drop a coin into the cup planted for anyone’s donation, yet only a few bless the cup…
a few hours go by and it seems only the smallest of children can see with true vision and depth of hearing as they recognize a beautiful sight and hear the sound of heaven bellowing through the station, while their mother’s pull and tug at them to move on and not be distracted by the seemingly poor guy who’s trying to sell his talent…sadly, most of these so-called, intelligent passerby’s would pay hundreds to watch or listen to their favorite “stars”…
well today, they’ve been duped, and will now see how deceived they are, as their snobbish ways turned on them and they missed a magnificent performance by a class act himself, Joshua Bell.
unbeknownst to them the Washington Post has set them up and now they know what a treasured opportunity they missed! I will give these thousands of “got-to-get-to-work on time” people a little slack if, in their “rush” they would have given even the slightest nod in amazement, or even a gentle “bravo” as they whizzed by, but NO!! not a one, not a nod, not a smile, barely a coin, just dashed by without even a word of encouragement to a man who is brilliant at his craft…where’s the true heart for “real talent” today? why can’t our society recognize pure genius anymore??? maybe if he held a sign that explained who he was and asked for hundreds of dollars to go see him in concert or at the theatre they’d be sure to get their front row tickets!!!
it truly saddens me that there’s little room for the geniuses in the arts…how does one go about their business and not recognize someone with a brilliant gift? they’re disillusioned, they’ve lost sight of the beauty given us on this planet for us to enjoy…what’s wrong with society? this is very disturbing to me…it speaks loud and clear that today’s society is NOT interested in grooming today’s children who are gifted in the arts…if they can’t recognize it at it’s BEST, how can they spot it in their children in early development stages? we’re in trouble people! something is way off kilter!
I guess my rant is most likely useless…but I had to take a chance posting this in hopes that one person will read it and begin again the grooming process in our kids, not for fame, not for fortune, but to encourage their beauty and talent from within to come forth let’s recognize it before it’s too late and help them to blossom into all they were born to be…
are ya with me???


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Song for the day – 12/1/14 – Gary Barlow – God

i’ve been gone for sometime now, but i stumbled across this incredible song from a dear friend shaun …it’s worthy of reposting…have a great day peeps…

Song for the day – 12/1/14 – Gary Barlow – God.