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Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

AWARDS Come from such KIND People!!


AWARDS Come from such KIND People!!

let me start out by saying, i am honored that anyone would ever consider sending me an award, especially being such a newby at this blog thingy! and i want to thank my dear friend Shaun for always thinking of me and being so sweet to send me them on occassion…i have to say with all gratitude, that this award is sooooooooo cool, i really really love it and can’t thank him enough!!
you should check out his blog ( if you want to get hooked up, you never know what you’re likely to read, because he’s so versatile…he’s tough as nails and yet so kind and gentle with a heart as big as the land he comes from (Scotland)…he’s offers lots of insight and thinks of things that can really catapult you into heavy thinking! i love that side of him!!
the worst part of accepting these awards is , i still haven’t a clue as to how to get it on my wall…lololol…though i’ve tried, i’ve lost…i have a dear friend Cate ( who is always helpful and has posted some for me (mwah!)!!
please know if i am blessed enough to get an award i will always post this letting the person know i’m thankful and gratefully appreciate what i consider an honor, but i may never get it on my wall…for that i am disappointed and feeling a bit guilty…maybe one day i’ll get there, but until then, this is my way of saying a big thanks to you and from my heart to yours MWAH!!!!
i tip my hat off to you Shaun, and again, many thanks for thinking of me!! , rock!!


Author: Selah Vita

I love all forms of encouragement, especially if it involves humor...the greatest thing to me is watching people be uplifted ...also extending grace to those who feel down or condemned. I found it is a powerful tool... Everyone's life is valuable and I would love to bring a little bit of light and joy into their lives..selah~~~

2 thoughts on “AWARDS Come from such KIND People!!

  1. Congratulations Selah, well deserved !


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