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Friend or Foe?


Friend or Foe?

let’s start this rant with a simple question…why do people use the word “friend” when the last thing on their mind is actually being a friend? what’s wrong with this picture?
i know a young girl who is literally crying out for a friend, a true friend, not one who pretends to be there for what they can get from you. it’s a pity in today’s world that there are no sensitive people, no caring, loving people who look out for their friends!
i hate to sound down on the world, but WTH???? is the whole world turning into being cold and heartless, not seeing their neighbor hurting? i don’t get it, maybe i’m wrong?
it grieves me to see young people hurting…sure it hurts to see older people as well, but when the young grow lonely, bad things sometimes happen, and i’m so fed up with no one watching out for this next generation! it was tough watching kids i grew up with overdosing or taking their own life because they felt no one cared!! and to see it continuing on a greater scale really is heart wrenching!!
i’m disgusted with watching over and over again this tragedy moving into this young generation!! we should be giving our children the inheritance of love and compassion, not hatred and hopelessness!!!
if each one of us would take responsibility and do our part we could turn this generation around and convince them that we are believing people really do care about them and their future!!
have we become cold and heartless or do we have some love and concern for them?
is it too much to ask of ourselves, have we slacked off and gotten so into our own selves that we have no room and love for their future?
please understand, i’m sure most of you do your part, i’m just terribly afraid that some of us haven’t see inside our own hearts and have forgotten how to share love outside of our own lives…maybe i’m wrong and i sure hope i am, but i myself am doing an inside heart check to make sure i haven’t slacked off…
it broke my heart tonight to see a young girl calling out for a friend just to talk to her, to be a friend for the moment and cheer her up, boost her hope level up, help lift her out of the muck and bring a little sunshine into her life so she could smile again and have joy for tomorrow…
is that so hard? is it asking too much? i think not, i think it’s time to pass along this message to others around us in hopes we can get this message back into our circles of friends and make a difference in this next generation…are ya with me? will you be a friend or foe to the future?
let’s make these kids lives a little brighter, let them know we care. after all, i think they’re worth it!


AWARDS Come from such KIND People!!


AWARDS Come from such KIND People!!

let me start out by saying, i am honored that anyone would ever consider sending me an award, especially being such a newby at this blog thingy! and i want to thank my dear friend Shaun for always thinking of me and being so sweet to send me them on occassion…i have to say with all gratitude, that this award is sooooooooo cool, i really really love it and can’t thank him enough!!
you should check out his blog ( if you want to get hooked up, you never know what you’re likely to read, because he’s so versatile…he’s tough as nails and yet so kind and gentle with a heart as big as the land he comes from (Scotland)…he’s offers lots of insight and thinks of things that can really catapult you into heavy thinking! i love that side of him!!
the worst part of accepting these awards is , i still haven’t a clue as to how to get it on my wall…lololol…though i’ve tried, i’ve lost…i have a dear friend Cate ( who is always helpful and has posted some for me (mwah!)!!
please know if i am blessed enough to get an award i will always post this letting the person know i’m thankful and gratefully appreciate what i consider an honor, but i may never get it on my wall…for that i am disappointed and feeling a bit guilty…maybe one day i’ll get there, but until then, this is my way of saying a big thanks to you and from my heart to yours MWAH!!!!
i tip my hat off to you Shaun, and again, many thanks for thinking of me!! , rock!!

Being Different is Okay and it’s fun!


Being Different is Okay and it's fun!

…i’ve been noticing more and more how different i am from so many…lol although i find it to be amusing, sometimes it seems to trouble others. don’t know why it should, but it’s obvious it does.
you see, i love being alone in my own little world, i find it fascinating at times because i’m a thinker and i have a wild imagination too! although i am a friend to many and go out of my way to make someone feel comfortable, it’s not often i will open up, i just prefer to be a help/encourager to others. but lately i’ve been tip toeing out of this private world of mine, and the truth is, i’m recognizing there will always be someone who prefers me to go back in the box and not speak a word unless it agrees with them. ha! seems now that i’m growing and becoming who i was created to be, that’s where the trouble lies. those who have known me are uncomfy with my new self. i was always the extremely quiet one who smiled and never gave my opinion of anything unless asked…i loved to just listen to everyone’s chatter about the silly things that seem to bother them.
now that time has been passing by, i took notice that i do have lots to say, but i choose to speak only when i find it profitable.
through the years i have figured out although people have said, “you’re too quiet, you’re very shy, you’re such an introvert, you’re really a funny person, why don’t you open up more, and lastly, why do you let others push you around, you need to stand up for yourself ?” all these things and more seemed to annoy others, but now as i’ve opened up (at my leisure) they seem to prefer i go back into my shell and speak only when spoken to! what they haven’t figured out is that now when i stand up for myself, it’s only ok with them, as long as i’m not standing up to them! whoaaaaaa!!! hmmmm, amazing isn’t it? yeah, always the double standard…
well, i’m really not here to complain, i’m more amused and wanted to see if anyone deals with similar stuff.
i’m allowing myself to grow and i like it…yes, i still prefer my quiet self, but there are times this italian, jersey girl seems to pop up and i must say, it amuses me. though some may be uncomfortable when i stand tall (well, tall for my 5ft stature lol), i find as long as i’m not obnoxious or hurtful, it’s making me see there is life after hiding in my own world, and i’m enjoying the trip down this new found freedom lane…after all there is life ahead of us if we’re willing to step out into the unknown we can look fear in the face and be set free.
btw, i want to thank you all for being such great blogging buddies, i think you’ve had something to do with this “coming out” party! (and just a warning, i will be sure ti refer my friends and family to you all if i see a mob coming my way the next time i have my fun with them! lol )
and again, a big thanks for showing me there’s life in blogging… 😉

Enough Already…Religion sucks…


Enough Already...Religion sucks...

ok, i’m taking a big risk here, but right now, i just don’t care and today this is the place to “dump” my stuff…please don’t take offense, i’m just letting off steam…this is NOT about all church people, but for those who do this, i’m sick of it!!
i’m tired of people in the church world who can’t see that it’s not what church we go to that makes us “the” church….it’s about being the human beings we are in the heart and being a reflection of the light to others…
when we can come together in the same heart, then we “TOGETHER” make the church…when we dwell in unity with a heart filled with love for one another and help the poor, be a friend to those in need, bring relief to the hungry, hold the hurting, laugh with those who are happy, rejoice with those who are celebrating, mourn with those in grief…that’s coming together and being “the body” …
there’s an old saying that goes like this ” going to church doesn’t make you a christian, anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car!”…
do people really think god is going to ask us what church we went to when we get to heaven???? helloooooooo… people are dumb…there! i said it!! what is wrong with people? i’ve met more people outside of church who are happy, loving and real, than i have inside, and to be truthful, i like them better!
the church needs to think long and hard about what they’re projecting to others! they need to stop making everyone feel like they’re the only perfect ones and we’re all going to hell if we don’t go to their church!!! come’on now, wake up!!! even Jesus called the church people hypocrites!
here’s the deal…i want to be a reflection of love, grace, compassion, hope sprinkled with freedom, joy, peace, laughter, singing, sum it up…i want to be freeeeeeeeee to love whom i please, free to be what others need me to be to bring them what they need…it’s NOT about me…it’s about them!!
what is waiting for me out there? i don’t know, but i want to be the answer for “them”…i want to bring hope to the hopeless….
i’m not talking going to a foreign country kinda thing…i’m talking where ever the need…just being a light to those who never know joy, who need hope for the future…sometimes just lending an ear…whatever the cause, i want to bring the flag of freedom and hope with lots of love to share…
ok ok ok…i’ll stop there…i have so much to say and this isn’t the place….
but i can’t thank you enough for letting me vent and who cares if no one likes me…it’s NOT about me…it’s about “them”…
’nuff said… have a nice day y’all…