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Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

Today’s Fashion?


Today's Fashion?

i’m still confused by today’s fashion, if you want to call it that…maybe i’m just not on top of fashion these days, but i still don’t get this. i guess the days of buying belts to keep your pants from falling have been long gone? do they even sell belts anymore?
i’m just venting here for the moment, and desperately trying to understand what’s happened the past few years…have i missed something? can’t Project Runway do something to help?
help me here guys! is it me or am i just getting older??????????????


Author: Selah Vita

I love all forms of encouragement, especially if it involves humor...the greatest thing to me is watching people be uplifted ...also extending grace to those who feel down or condemned. I found it is a powerful tool... Everyone's life is valuable and I would love to bring a little bit of light and joy into their lives..selah~~~

2 thoughts on “Today’s Fashion?

  1. Ha you are getting older 🙂 Yes they still sell belts, I wear one to keep my jeans up because I refuse to buy a smaller size. I worked to hard to get into this size 30 waste.


    • lol…well, that settles it…i’m over the hill!!! lolololol….
      guess it was just a matter of time…lol…well being over the hill isnt so bad..i can see clearer from the top of that hill…not planning on going down it!! lol…good for you that you reached your goal, many try hard to no avail, you’re one of the lucky ones 😉


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