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On Halloween

many thanks to TroubleFace Mom for this awesome blog!! i couldn’t have said it any better, she nailed it…i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

TroubleFace Mom

I think I may actually offend many of the church going people I know with this post. I’m not sorry. Just so we’re clear, you know – in advance.

(*Edited to add that when this post was written in 2012, the only people who read it were my church going friends who really know me, and they know that when I say I might offend them, that I’m saying so in a let’s-still-be-friends-even-if-we-disagree, kind of way. I did not expect this blog to blow up the way it did the following year in 2013. I did not intend to offend the church going people everywhere, all the time. Holy smokes. But that seems to be what happened, however unintentional.)

Every Halloween it’s the same silly thing.

People getting annoyed with the gore. The focus on death. The devil. The blood.

And you know, I’m not a huge fan of all…

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Today’s Fashion?


Today's Fashion?

i’m still confused by today’s fashion, if you want to call it that…maybe i’m just not on top of fashion these days, but i still don’t get this. i guess the days of buying belts to keep your pants from falling have been long gone? do they even sell belts anymore?
i’m just venting here for the moment, and desperately trying to understand what’s happened the past few years…have i missed something? can’t Project Runway do something to help?
help me here guys! is it me or am i just getting older??????????????



it breaks my heart the i think about the ignorant people who teach their children how to be bullies…
please consider what you teach young children…will you teach them to become bullies, angry mean-spirited children or to be encouragers? the choice is ours to teach our children well…

Being Yourself Can Seem Strange to Others…


Being Yourself Can Seem Strange to Others...

have you ever noticed people are very critical of how you look?
i have to say many have inspired me (betsey johnson is just one) through the years to “be an original” and i still hold strong to those thoughts, maybe even more today!! i love to encourage others to do the same…after all, we’re all free to be who we are even if it’s mimicking others in the way we dress, sing, write, dance, play sports, etc…people copy designers all the time, male and female, all over the planet!
all this to say and hopefully remind others to “be yourself” don’t be a copy…others are always trying to make you into who they think you should be…well i ask you this…what the heck is wrong with who you are? if YOU don’t like who you are “change it”!!! find what makes you tick…think about what you love, who you admire, those things play a big part in what you become.
just be sure it fits you like your own skin…i do suggest you use good judgement before you take the leap of change, but nevertheless, become who you were created to be, and have fun doing it! you’ll be much happier with yourself and others will love you for it…it’s your world, spread your wings and fly…i did!!!

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I want to thank my fellow blogger Shaun from for awarding me the Reader Appreciation and the Sunshine Award.
Since I’m clueless about how to post and send awards to others – well, I’ll try but everyone I know should get one. LOL Is that the easy way out? Yes.
Someday I may figure this out – until then, Thank you Shaun!
Selah Vita

He Wrecked Me with This Song…


i’m going to be completely honest with you…i have never been a fan of john denver (sorry, don’t mean to offend anyone)…the last thing you’d ever catch me doing is listening to one of his songs today or back in the day! but!!!!!!!! for the first time today someone posted his song “Annie’s Song” and i felt a little nudge to listen up, so i did…
i don’t know how else to say it but i knew it was a God thing…it had to be Him nudging me because knowing how i feel about john denver, there’s no one on the planet who could get me to listen up!
i have been playing it over and over again with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat trying to hold back the floodgates as i saw this song totally different than ever before…
i found myself listening with a different ear and a different heart…i could hear me and God having a duet with this song as i listened to me singing parts and Him responding with His great love!!
i literally felt His love pouring into my heart with such a force like never before…you may ask, how could i possibly know that? well…all i can say is, no one and i mean NO ONE has EVER moved me like that in my life…NO ONE could ever touch that part of my heart where i’ve hidden things no one could ever know…NO ONE could ever caress me with a love unknown by man, NO ONE could ever make me feel so loved, so deep, so special, so moved to tears that overwhelmed me inside out, upside down, top to bottom all in one second AND especially with john denver singing!!!!!!!!! all i can say is this…He wrecked me, He messed with me, He won my heart in a new way, He’s captured everything about me..
some may call me crazy, and that’s ok, i’ve been called worse…i cannot deny who is at work here, and who’s love has passed through something i would have never imagined…
all i can say is ONLY God…and i’m thankful for it, i’m not the same, i’m changed…i am His and He is mine…He is captivating…i feel like i’ve looked into the eyes of God in a new way…wowowow!!!