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Words Hurt but Revenge Can be Sweet…


Words Hurt but Revenge Can be Sweet...

i’m sure most of you have experienced how unkind others can be when they say mean and untrue things about you.
i know i’ve had my fair share through the years and it saddens me to say no matter how old we get people are still people and still don’t consider or prefer each other…
i don’t want to sound proud, but i think i’m finally getting the hang of it.
i’ve been called everything under the sun, accused of many things and talked about a lot and i must say there was a time in my life when it would frustrate me to the point of going over it again and again, rehashing every harsh word and every accusation! this was tiring because i would go over it so many times in my head until i came up with what i should of, would of and could have said to retaliate!!! thank god i didn’t follow through with my emotions were telling me to do at the time…it wouldn’t have been a pretty picture(or lady-like either)!
funny how today i found myself talking to a young girl who was extremely frustrated with some so-called friends who did exactly what i’m talking about…they made it clear they were talking about her and it was very hurtful…as she shared all about it with a male friend, one who said he didn’t care for these girls, betrayed her went right back to them and gossiped every word this young girl told him…so now she had been doubly hurt…and learned a hard lesson about trusting people.
don’t people get it? don’t they care about what they say and who they hurt? obviously not, young or old the story is the same…i tried my best for quite some time to speak her down from her brokeness trying to explain when she gets older it won’t hurt as much, but that didn’t really help her…she was wounded and needed someone to fix the wound and just be her friend.
after i got done speaking to her, i asked myself this, “why do we let others damage us with their words?” why do we allow them all that power over us? we give them power to steal our joy and peace…
i think it’s time we take a deep breath and allow ourselves to not care…i think we should recognize it’s ok to not care when it comes to these kind of things rather than feel bad believing such invalid words spoken against us.
whether it be friend or foe who betrays our confidence, makes fun and laughs at our expense or just says mean things about us, it’s time we stand up and look them in the face and let the words roll off our back like a water on a ducks back…it’s time to understand those words can’t have power over us unless we give them power…we need to realize we are made in the image of God and we’ve been created by Him, if people attack us, they are attacking what God created…
so today, let’s make up our mind to be defenders of those who are insulted and help those who are still learning that words can hurt for the moment but they can’t stay with us forever and destroy us…they will answer to one who is greater than than they are…our job is to forgive (that does not always mean forget) and move ahead with joy and peace in our hearts…
so my advice is tjhis…leave revenge in the hands of a pro, God knows the best way to take care of business…


Author: Selah Vita

I love all forms of encouragement, especially if it involves humor...the greatest thing to me is watching people be uplifted ...also extending grace to those who feel down or condemned. I found it is a powerful tool... Everyone's life is valuable and I would love to bring a little bit of light and joy into their lives..selah~~~

7 thoughts on “Words Hurt but Revenge Can be Sweet…

  1. Nicely done, you are a good friend to give your friend that advice and take the time to listen to Her problems.
    I just thought of something unrelated to this post. I noticed all the blogs you follow. If you are reading them and they are not following you, you are spending a lot of time when you could be writing 🙂


  2. thanks so much! it’s always good to encourage one another from the heart…if we’ve been there, we should certainly try to use that experience to help others.
    btw i like your insight…i never thought in that direction, but i will certainly keep that in the forefront of my mind while browsing through blogs…lol…you’re advice is well taken, thanks for bringing it to my attention…have a great day 😉


  3. Wise words. Forgiveness is not always easy to extend but so necessary for each one of us. We all need forgiveness and when we extend it, we receive it for ourselves. Words wound more than we realize. Every day I ask the Lord to put a guard at my mouth so I will not say something only to regret it and be unable to retrieve it.


  4. Well done good friend. Definitely Holy Spirit led!!!! Love these contents !!!!!


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