Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

A New Day


what do we do when we feel down, discouraged, defeated and just about ready to cave in calling it a day? i often wonder about the silent, invisible opponent that we contend with….he sure has a lot to say for an unseen force that tries to take us down….one day you can feel like you’ve gained some momentum and the next it’s like you’ve been in the ring and had the wind kicked out of you. how many times will we let this adversary do us in? how many times will we fall prey to this whispering, invisible character who has spoken in our ear to make us feel inadequate, ashamed, unloved, guilty, and a number of other things?
i think it’s time to take this battle to the next level….let’s take this madness and find a new way to fight this and find a new day filled with joy, happiness, peace and lots of love!
start the day off by reminding yourself that you serve the only Master who loves you and will do anything to bring you to the place of peace….then as the day progresses remind yourself how much you deserve all the good things that belong to you by the adoptive power you’ve been given from your Heavenly Father….the One who is good, kind, loving,faithful and true…
let’s make a decision to not listen to all dark thoughts, misconceptions and all things that are discouraging, unkind, unloving and hurtful…let’s take a journey down the path that brings life, strength, faithfulness, goodness, grace, mercy and love of a true kind….only the truth will allow you to find your new day that’s been built on love….if you desire to be filled with the greatest love in all the world, just ask the Master for it…it’s time to recognize we don’t have to accept anything less but His loving kindness….
come on, take the hand of the Master…he’ll start you off each day filling you with true joy, peace and love….wow, now that’s the way to begin your day….every day will be like a brand new day….


Author: Selah Vita

I love all forms of encouragement, especially if it involves humor...the greatest thing to me is watching people be uplifted ...also extending grace to those who feel down or condemned. I found it is a powerful tool... Everyone's life is valuable and I would love to bring a little bit of light and joy into their lives..selah~~~

14 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. I like what I see and read.


  2. What a lovely way to start my day!!!


  3. Selah..
    My friend Cate Bryson had this on her Facebook.
    Brilliant read. I can relate to it..
    Also, following.



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