Selah Vita

Life is a treasured asset…don't let it pass by without pausing to think about each moment~~~selah vita

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time has a way of making you think you’re not going to ever achieve your dreams…but that’s not so…it may seem true, but it’s not truth!

never let anyone steal your dreams…never allow anyone to talk you out of your dreams…never, ever talk yourself out of your dreams!!

dreams were put in you not just for yourself, but for others to benefit…so if you hold up your dreams, you’re actually holding back many others, i bet you never thought of that, did you? so take some time to re Dream…bring your dreams back to life and continue chasing the dream, not just for yourself, but for the others waiting for you, so they too can see their dreams come true…

keep dreaming my friend, it’s NEVER too late 😉







when i saw this picture it reminded me of a little incident that happened quite some time ago…it was what i call a “platinum moment”…it was a perfect opportunity to laugh at myself, but at the time, i didn’t realize it..
it all started over a blister on my toe, and because of it, every time i put my shoe on, i would feel a lot of discomfort and would end up taking my shoe off for a while to get some relief…after a few times of that i realized it might be a good idea to “put a band-aid on it” for a little protection from the uncomfortable rubbing…with that thought i went ahead, got my little bandage, in a hurry put it on and scooted off…within minutes the pain went searing through my toe and i didn’t understand why…i couldn’t imagine what was wrong, but didn’t have time to check it out, so i limped around finishing up what i had to do. when i returned home i removed my shoe and gave a great big sigh of relief! i took a look at foot and noticed the band aid looked in place but there was once small problem at closer inspection…i put the band aid on the wrong toe!!!…omg, i could not believe i did that!! yeah, what a nitwit huh? go ahead, you can laugh too and shake your head in disbelief, i did…and till this day it boggles my mind that i could do such a ridiculous thing! but one thing’s for sure, i’ll admit, it certainly gave me a good laugh 😛
through my life i’ve had many opportunities to have what i call “platinum moments”(just ask my friends). and let’s just say i’ve learned through the years, rather than become frustrated over some of my silly moments, i can get a good laugh over them and bring some laughter into other lives as well!
once a friend told me not to call myself “platinum”…but they don’t understand it’s a term of endearment given me by my two brothers and now my husband. it’s not offensive in any way at all and i’ve decided to make it work for me instead of against me. i’ve realized i am uniquely made and maybe running through my dark hair are many platinum ones that can’t be seen with the naked eye, but that doesn’t stop me.
i just giggle when a “platinum” moment arises and learned it’s good to laugh at myself, and i enjoy laughing with my friends and family each time…so go ahead, take a look at yourself and have a hearty laugh…laughter does the body, mind and spirit good! try it, you may just like it! 😉

Your Mind is a Garden


Your Mind is a Garden

what kind of garden do you want, one full of all things beautiful or a garden of weeds?
always remember the thoughts you think become who you are…you can think of good things or not…whichever you choose will be what you become…choose wisely

Free Hugs


Free Hugs

did you ever feel like your day can’t get any worse? yeah, i know that feeling…sometimes you just want to call it a day and crawl back under the covers…i think you know what i mean…
so what do you do when that happens?
i found that sometimes a great big hug can make the blues go away for most of us…if you think about it, it really doesn’t cost much, actually it’s free, right? i think the biggest price one pays is stepping out of their comfort zone to reach out to hug someone…
what do you think? i’m thinking, we can all start giving out these free hugs and maybe we can transform one saddened heart at a time, (or a few if you’re feeling super brave)…
i think we just might change the world one hug at a time (((((**)))))